Humidity adapted greenhouse project realised in Nigeria

«One of our latest projects consists of more than 200 greenhouses in Nigeria, specifically adapted to produce in hot climates. In tropical areas, where humidity is high, we design the greenhouse trying to maximise ventilation.» Speaking is Iñaki Vaquero with the Spanish manufacturer of greenhouses MSC Invernaderos

Project development
Despite the strong restrictions on travel due to Covid-19, the company continues with the development of projects in Africa with their latest installation of tropical greenhouses. This latest project consists of more than 200 greenhouses in Nigeria, specifically adapted to produce tomato, pepper and capsicum in hot climates.

«Our technical team has travelled several times in recent months to continue providing service to our customers, with training for local staff on the agronomic management of the crop,» says Iñaki. «This latest greenhouse project is one more example of our commitment to agricultural development in Africa, improving employment, training and sustainability in the region.» 

Testing new technologies
MSC wants to continually improve the design of their greenhouses by testing new technologies. «To do this, we have made an investment to test different technical options in locations with different climatic conditions within the country,» says Iñaki. «The results are allowing us to study the impact at the investment and production level of the different technical designs.» 

This research doesn’t come out of the blue: MSC Invernaderos has more than 35 years of experience and greenhouse projects in more than 50 countries.


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